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Sougia rooms are beautiful, clean, comfortable, and the best way to feel the real Sougia, Crete.

Sougia rooms are by far the preferred accommodation in Sougia. Most of the rooms for rent in Sougia are of high standards, as there are not “hotels” in the traditional sense in the village.

Most Sougia rooms for rent are like beautiful small hotels, having up to 10 rooms in total. Although you will not find in Sougia the amenities of 4-star or 5-star hotels, the locals are well known for their hospitality, and by far the most possible is that you will be totally satisfied when staying in a room in Sougia.

Sougia rooms for rent – what to look out for

When you search for your room to stay in Sougia, you must take under consideration some facts in order to find the best accommodation for your needs.

First of all, if you travel with your family, or if you want to cook inside your Sougia room, it is better to look for a larger room with kitchenette. Most of the times you will have to pay a little more than for a regular room, but the prices are generally low in Sougia, so that will be no problem.

Regarding individual bathroom, practically all of the rooms for rent in Sougia and in Crete in general provide a separate toilet and bathroom with the room. Also, almost each and every room in today’s Sougia provides air conditioning. If you visit Sougia in June, spring or autumn, when the temperature is still high – but not too high – and swimming is also very pleasant in Sougia beach, you most possibly will not have to use the air condition, as the climate in Sougia is very mild.

Sougia rooms for rent – beyond the basics

In order to make your stay in Sougia as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible, it is good to also know all the following information regarding Sougia rooms.

First of all, the time period that you come to Sougia is very important – as is true with almost all of the places in Crete. As rooms in Sougia are not too many, it is better to avoid the period between July 15 and August 15, as there are many visitors in Sougia during this period – many of them locals from Chania city- and it may be difficult to find a good room to stay. Additionally, if you manage to find a good room for rent, it will generally be more expensive during this peak holiday period.

Another thing you should try to do is to avoid arriving in Sougia in the weekend during summer months. In summer weekends, lots of locals come to stay here, and it is difficult to find a good room in Sougia. If you arrive in a weekday, however, it is much easier – and less expensive – to find a nice Sougia room, even if you’ll be staying during the weekend, too.

Regarding location, possibly the best part of Sougia village to find a room to stay is on the famous Sougia beach. There is a variety of good Sougia rooms that are located on the wonderful beach, which, apart from very easy access to the beach, also provide the wonderful view of the Sougia coastline that will accompany you every moment of your stay.

In conclusion, Sougia rooms are the best possible accommodation in the village of Sougia. If you can also avoid the peak holiday period and manage to find a nice Sougia room for rent, with many amenities and located right on the beach, like Lissos Rooms, chances are that your stay in Sougia will be a long remembered experience.

LISSOS Pension is situated in Sougia, on the south-east coast of the prefecture of Chania. Our guesthouse is named after the ancient town of Lissos that is located nearby and is nestled in a green, lush garden only 50 meters from the sea. It consists of 14 rooms that can accommodate 1 to 4 persons each: three of them are studios, while the rest feature a shared kitchen.

All rooms feature a shower with a 24-hour hot water supply, a toilet and a balcony with a nice view, as most of our rooms overlook the sea. A stone’s throw away, you will find many taverns and cafes, where you can enjoy traditional specialties, fresh fish and seafood next to the crystal clear waters of Sougia. The charm of the village and its inhabitants will fascinate you and will definitely have you come back for more.